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Projects by Students


We understand that times might arise that the student might be unavailable for a particular session. In such case, we would want parent/student to inform us in advance about their unavailability. Student will be asked to view the topic recording on our online portal and practice the task. They may be also be asked to attend the backup session kept separately as per faculty availability.

We encourage participation in competitions and technology events. We regularly post updates about upcoming events to all are students. Those who are interested to participate in events, can enroll for those separately as competitions and event need separate extra time and effort commitment.

Optionally, we may keep internal competitions/events among our students to give them morale-boosting and team-working experience.

This kit has been designed to teach the concepts and then you can use those concepts to build whatever projects you want.

For example: If the kid has learned to make a circuit of glowing a light then the kid can use this concept to make cycle headlights, torch, table lamp etc.

They can come up with ideas to use these for their school science projects and other similar competitions.

It’s not just a toy, it’s an explorable kit- you can use this to build real world applications.